Color Grading Tutorial (Film $h!t w/JR)

Check out our latest DaVinci Resolve color grading tutorial! Were back at it with another episode of Film Sh!t w/JR. Several times a week I receive emails with questions about how I color my videos so I hope this helps.  In this episode I cover my color grading process as well as several tips and tricks to get your footage to pop. I take you from a log image to a final polished rec 709 youtube ready clip. We cover some of my grading techniques as well as my workflow on every grade. I talk about how I use denoising and grain and pull keys to get the perfect skin tone.  Enjoy!!! if you have any questions or comments feel free to email me and don’t forget to suscribe to our email and youtube channel!

Check out some useful color grading links below and as always suscribe to my youtube

DaVinci Resolve

Color Grading Central

Lutify (great color grading lots)



Have any more questions $h!t aint free email me!