Free LUT

So as you probably know I am a huge fan of color! I created a free lut you can download here! Simply apply it to any log clip fix your white balance and adjust your intensity. Works best with exterior daytime shots. Its a 3d lut so it will work with almost any editing software. Let me know what you think! We also just release a full LUT package with 10 amazing luts click here to purchase




Best Music Video camera for low budget shoots?

Check out another installment of Film $h!t w/JR where I cover my low budget music video camera set up. It provides great quality that won’t break the bank. In Boston and New York many of the shoots I work on don’t have the budget to support larger cameras so this in my opinion is away to keep cost low and improve your corporate or music video production quality. This is not a DSLR the form factor is but the Black Magic Pocket 4k is a real beast! Speaking of savings check out our blog on budgets 


Gear in this video

Black magic Pocket 4k cinema:

Dji Ronin S:

Meike Lens:


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J.R.Saint is a Boston and New York celebrity filmmaker who has worked with some of the music videos biggest artist and brands. We Plan on continuing to share our knowledge of the film industry with you so stay tuned.