One of my passions is working with new people. So when super producer Katie Mcguire contacted me to work as a gaffer on this Ford project I was all in. We shot over 3 days in Bow, NH which is so beautiful the sun rise is unmatched. Ford has been doing some amazing things with technology to improve its carbon footprint. I provided all the gear and some of the crew. We shot on my Alexa Mini with Master primes probably the best combo for clean perfect imagery. The fact the Alexa has such beautiful colors helps bring out the warm textures in farming.  I was hired to Gaff and also did some drone operating on this one! I was super excited to use my 2 ton sprinter van on this one! The carts made it super easy to move around having lots of rags and frames allowed us to really shape the light. Can’t wait to work on the next one!


Directed by Emily Anderson
DP Ty Haft
Producer Katie Mcguire

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Jan 2020


Branded Content

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