It was last March and I enjoying some sun in the Bahamas with my wife when I received a call from the good folks over at Battlelabs asking if I was interested in working on a “test shoot” for a local brand which could lead to more jobs in the near future. Well you know me and I took that challenge! The brand was Dynatrace a Software company based in Boston who’s doing some amazing things with AI. The test shoot went great and eventually turned into a full damn campaign! It’s starring Katie Novak a talented actress in the Boston Area. The shoot was actually pretty complicated we went back and forth deciding if we would be shooting on a green screen or a black backdrop. The creative had the talent in a infinity enivorment. Eventually we just went with a black backdrop and used green tracking marks. That way we didn’t have to deal with unwanted spill and we could play with pools of light. We shot on an Alexa mini and Black magic Pocket 6k with master primes. Overall super fun team and had a blast playing with lighting. You can see more¬†http://dynatrace.com/ai¬† This is the first video and more to come! Check out our other work here.


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Jan 2020


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