Best Music Video camera for low budget shoots?

Check out another installment of Film $h!t w/JR where I cover my low budget music video camera set up. It provides great quality that won’t break the bank. In Boston and New York many of the shoots I work on don’t have the budget to support larger cameras so this in my opinion is away to keep cost low and improve your corporate or music video production quality. This is not a DSLR the form factor is but the Black Magic Pocket 4k is a real beast! Speaking of savings check out our blog on budgets 


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J.R.Saint is a Boston and New York celebrity filmmaker who has worked with some of the music videos biggest artist and brands. We Plan on continuing to share our knowledge of the film industry with you so stay tuned.

Music Video “Behind the Scenes” Fetty Wap (SPEED)

Check out the latest BTS of Fetty Wap’s music video Directed and Produced by Boston’s J.R.Saint. We handled all aspects of the music video production. This was shot on location in Laural Canyon Studios in Los Angeles, CA. We actually put the video together in less than 48 hours. From concept to execution it was a mad dash.

The SCI FI concept has heavy visual fx so we needed a vfx supervisor. Its no surprise I love shooting music videos and this has to be one of the coolest videos I have worked on as of late. Theres tons of CGI all i can say is theres aliens, spaceships and a flame thrower! We tapped my inner love for all things sci fi! Teaming up with Fetty Wap was an amazing process he was all about being a team player and letting the vision come to life.

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Color Grading Tutorial (Film $h!t w/JR)

Check out our latest DaVinci Resolve color grading tutorial! Were back at it with another episode of Film Sh!t w/JR. Several times a week I receive emails with questions about how I color my videos so I hope this helps.  In this episode I cover my color grading process as well as several tips and tricks to get your footage to pop. I take you from a log image to a final polished rec 709 youtube ready clip. We cover some of my grading techniques as well as my workflow on every grade. I talk about how I use denoising and grain and pull keys to get the perfect skin tone.  Enjoy!!! if you have any questions or comments feel free to email me and don’t forget to suscribe to our email and youtube channel!

Check out some useful color grading links below and as always suscribe to my youtube

DaVinci Resolve

Color Grading Central

Lutify (great color grading lots)



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Blog #1 Film $h!t w/JR (shooting for vfx)

Shooting with VFX in mind. So here we are another holiday and another holiday shoot! I love my job, everyday a different task at hand and theirs nothing more fulfilling to me than being able to work with teams that kick ass!!!! As budgets get bigger you typically get to work along side more talent an, I get SO excited about shoot! I was hired by the amazing folks at Ntropic to shoot a few products for Wal-Mart’s black Friday campaign.

I thought this was a great opportunity to explain the importance of shoot for vfx. They approached me wanting me to shoot a live cat that they were going to put in a 3d/photo-real environment. So they knew a few things …. They wanted it to fit the brands creative which was a neon feel. The other thing was they wanted to have the lights animate on. The overall creative for the campaign was a neon vibe…. right up my alley since I shoot a ton of music videos. So what we did was put the cat on a black plexiglass and black paper. Paper because it has some reflective properties to sell the neon light. A green screen wouldn’t look as real and we would risk some green spill in the cat who was white. Working with live animals is a challenge I have shot several dogs and cats and they typically do what they want as so in this case. We shot about 4 hours of footage for this 15 second clip lol but in the end it was worth it.

Heres a few tips below.

  1. Lighting: we creative the neon light by using astera 4 foot tube lights which where dimmed up and down to match the post. We then used a few litepanel geminis as key and fill light on the cat. You need to make sure your lighting matches whats being done in post or if will never match.
  2. Camera: We shot on the alexa mini with zeiss cp3’s mainly on sticks. we recored using 3.2k  prores 4444 so they could have a clean image to cut and animate.

check out the good work done over at NTROPIC They do some epic $h!t


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Episode #1 of Film $h!t is Live – Best LEDs

Man, I get SO excited about lighting! LED lights have come a long way in video production. Check out the first episode of Film $h!t w/ yours truly. It’s all about the best LEDs on the market.

Here are some vendors that carry the lights I mentioned in this video. Give them some love and tell them J.R. sent you.

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