North Carolina Video Production

North Carolina We are here for all your video production needs. Super excited to announce we will now be servicing the Charlotte and Raleigh areas. Full scale production from start to finish we have the skills and experience to make sure your next video is a success! 15 years creating some of the biggest and […]

Covid 19

As we start to scale back to work. We want to ensure you that your safety is our top priority. We have passed the “Safe Sets” covid 19 course and are up to date in the latest social distancing and PPE practices. If you have any questions feel free to contact us HERE As always […]

Boston’s Best Grip Van available!

Hey Friends! I wanted to let you know some exciting news for 2020. We recently have expanded our business and am excited to provide a fully loaded 2 ton sprinter grip van! Its fully loaded with 2 amazing custom carts by SetCarts making loading and unloading super easy! Our goal is to help make your […]

Free Red Komodo Lut

So as you probably know I am a huge fan of color! I created a free lut for your Komodo Camera you can download here! Simply apply it to any log clip fix your white balance and adjust your intensity.   BEFORE:   AFTER:    

Best Music Video camera for low budget shoots?

Check out another installment of Film $h!t w/JR where I cover my low budget music video camera set up. It provides great quality that won’t break the bank. In Boston and New York many of the shoots I work on don’t have the budget to support larger cameras so this in my opinion is away […]

Music Video “Behind the Scenes” Fetty Wap (SPEED)

Check out the latest BTS of Fetty Wap’s music video Directed and Produced by Boston’s J.R.Saint. We handled all aspects of the music video production. This was shot on location in Laural Canyon Studios in Los Angeles, CA. We actually put the video together in less than 48 hours. From concept to execution it was […]

All about budgets!

You get what you pay for. This is true with everything in life and video production is no exception. My clients tend to be business owners, producers and agencies. Im often given a treatment and/or some sort of brief and then the client will ask me to propose a budget based on what they want. […]

Color Grading Tutorial (Film $h!t w/JR)

Check out our latest DaVinci Resolve color grading tutorial! Were back at it with another episode of Film Sh!t w/JR. Several times a week I receive emails with questions about how I color my videos so I hope this helps. ┬áIn this episode I cover my color grading process as well as several tips and […]

Video Workflow

People are always asking about my video shooting and editing workflow. I Often shoot with different cameras which means different file formats. However the process of shooting and post workflow are the same. I wanted to give you a basic rundown of my workflow this could be different for others but it works for me. […]

Blog #1 Film $h!t w/JR (shooting for vfx)

Shooting with VFX in mind. So here we are another holiday and another holiday shoot! I love my job, everyday a different task at hand and theirs nothing more fulfilling to me than being able to work with teams that kick ass!!!! As budgets get bigger you typically get to work along side more talent […]