Video Workflow

People are always asking about my video shooting and editing workflow. I Often shoot with different cameras which means different file formats. However the process of shooting and post workflow are the same. I wanted to give you a basic rundown of my workflow this could be different for others but it works for me. […]

Blog #1 Film $h!t w/JR (shooting for vfx)

Shooting with VFX in mind. So here we are another holiday and another holiday shoot! I love my job, everyday a different task at hand and theirs nothing more fulfilling to me than being able to work with teams that kick ass!!!! As budgets get bigger you typically get to work along side more talent […]

Episode #1 of Film $h!t is Live – Best LEDs

Man, I get SO excited about lighting! LED lights have come a long way in video production. Check out the first episode of Film $h!t w/ yours truly. It’s all about the best LEDs on the market. Here are some vendors that carry the lights I mentioned in this video. Give them some love and tell […]